At Contec Secure Technologies we develop smart technologies that meet a government’s individual security needs.

We have established a global presence as specialists in this area, with decades of experience offering state-of-the-art solutions in automated systems for the authentication of people, objects, and documents.We are a tailored organisation to be customer focused and to exceed the most advanced industry quality standards.

Transferring know-how as well as sharing industry best practices is at the heart of our strategy.

Our expertise support governments to enhance their operational efficiency. Security as DNA: Security documents integrity can only be guaranteed when they are designed , manufacture and eventually personalised within premises conforming to stringent level of security . From the physical access to the segregation of secure network, we offer to our customers the insurance of an end-to-end secure environment.

We adopt a flexible approach to security challenges, combining appropriate technologies and innovative solutions to issues that might otherwise be unanticipated. Each of our systems offers a high level of functionality in a format that is easy to use.

We supply a range of machine readable security solutions for the authentication of people, objects, and documents. These solutions are tamper proof, secured against the threat of fraud.

Our flagship program is our CERPAC (Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card) scheme, which has partnered with the Nigerian government since 1984 to provide new and highly secure documents for the identification of foreign residents. We also keep a central database of all foreign national movements into and out of the country, flagging undesirable aliens and maintaining security in the country.

At present, we have 36 centres across Nigeria issuing and tracking the CERPAC card. Our secure technologies work has expanded to include development and production of additional smart technologies and documentation, seeing partnerships with governments in countries such as Burundi and Niger.

Contec Global Secure Technology Division provides a broad range of highly secure documents and ID cards designed to guarantee the reliable and efficient identification of individuals. All our documents comply with the strictest international data protection standards.

Our Solutions