At Contec Global Energy Ltd. we supply power, energy, and gas to regions and countries within Africa.

Our goal is to provide renewable energy solutions and backup power generating products that enable Africans to deal with the unique challenges of the area and to remain productive and connected across the globe.

We are at the forefront of natural gas usage in Africa, pioneering new technologies for the developing world.

We have been awarded a license by the Federal Government of Nigeria to operate a CNG plant within Lagos, supplying alternative clean fuel to the transport sector. This project is called COGO.Our natural gas projects include delivering gas compression facilities, natural gas driven power stations, and process discharge stations.

We also have a virtual pipeline (LNG & CNG) system, which delivers complete pipeline solutions to the region. This is the first of its kind in Western Africa, bringing significant cost savings and meeting local objectives in Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Chad, Angola, and Equatorial Guinea.

We are also working to tap marginal gas from oil fields and build up strategic energy reserves through incorporating state-of-the-art high pressure vessel fleets. We intend to promote the use of natural gas, with on-site compression/liquefaction as our standard practice.

Our Solutions