Agricultural experts have warned farmers against the use of excessive chemical fertilisers on food crops.
The founders of AfriOne, a family-owned mobile company, explains what went into the manufacturing process of the first made-in-Nigeria smart phones.
The Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN) and CONTEC Global, Nigerian innovative technology solution providers, are tinkering with ideas that can boost the economy, using bio-solutions( BioEconomy).
LAGOS, Nigeria — At Lagos’s Computer Village, buyers, sellers, wholesalers, hawkers and opportunists jostle for a piece of a booming industry.
AfriOne Limited will on Friday commission an assembly plant and launch its AfriOne mobile phones and other consumer devices, a feat the company describes as “a technological breakthrough and precedent for the...
CONTEC AGRO’s investment in Bio-technology to boost Nigeria’s market share in $78bn global bio-economy.
Mr. Roheen Berry is the Managing Director of Contec Global Group, a billion dollar enterprise, leveraging technology to meet the rising demands of Nigeria’s population growth and globalisation.
Experts confirm 28 new CERPAC centers boost business, FDI flow into Nigeria.
The only crop that seems able to resist the fall armyworm is cassava, no doubt because it naturally produces cyanide.
Contrary to popular belief, the past fallout from the commodity crises in oil-dependent economies has not affected contemporary investment in Africa.
Repairing #Abuja Airport - A test for #Nigeria and its Economy.
AfriOne’s facility spans about 20,000 sq ft and houses all of AfriOne’s operations, including an R & D department and testing laboratories.
AfriOne unveils production factory for first made-in-Nigeria smartphones, engages 5,000 students.
AfriOne Limited, a technology-driven enterprise, on Friday inaugurated its manufacturing and assembly plant for Made in Nigeria phones and other technological devices.
In a bid to improve and democratize technology through affordable innovative products, AfriOne Limited, an emerging ICT experts have come up with a locally made smartphone called, ‘AfriOne Mobiles.’
Contec Global Group is a leading U.K-based security technology company that operates across several developing countries.