Contec Global established its presence on the world stage as specialists in the area of security technologies offering state-of-the-art solutions in automated systems for the authentication of people, objects and documents. With many years of experience and a long track record at the top of the security technologies market, the company has successfully implemented a number of large scale, mission-critical projects on the e-Governance platform.

We adopt a flexible approach to every security challenge, combining the appropriate technologies as necessary to provide solutions which are both convenient and effective. Every Contec Global system offers a high level of functionality in a form that is easy to use.

While the Group has diversified into various business areas, we continue to invest heavily in Research & Development in this rapidly evolving field to maintain our position at the leading edge of security technologies.


Biometric technologies provide automated authentication of people through the measurement of physical or behavioral characteristics that are unique to each individual.

Contec Global has extensive practical experience of the development and installation of user-friendly biometric solutions based on fingerprint and facial recognition.


A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC), is defined as any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process information. This implies that it can receive input which is processed - by way of the ICC applications - and delivered as an output.

There are two broad categories of ICCs. Memory cards contain only non-volatile memory storage components, and perhaps some specific security logic. Microprocessor cards contain volatile memory and microprocessor components. The card is made of plastic, generally PVC, but sometimes ABS. The card may embed a hologram to avoid counterfeiting.

Contact smart card
Contact smart cards have a small gold chip about 1cm square on the front. When inserted into a reader, the chip makes contact with electrical connectors that can read information from the chip and write information back.

Contactless smart card
A second type is the contactless smart card, in which the chip communicates with the card reader through RFID induction technology (at data rates of 106 to 848 kbit/s). These cards require only close proximity to an antenna to complete transaction. They are often used when transactions must be processed quickly or hands-free, such as on mass transit systems, where smart cards can be used without even removing them from a wallet.


It is estimated that counterfeiting, tampering, and theft affect 7% of world trade, equivalent to $960 billion of losses, and is rising at a rate of 15% per year. Of this total, the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group estimates more than one-third, (approx $360 billion), is lost through counterfeiting.

With the use of color copiers and computer scanners, technology facilitates counterfeiting and drives the need for advances in document protection and authentication. This led to the development of more sophisticated anti-counterfeiting aids, such as Virtual Image, UV/IR readable features, RFID, and OVDs (Optically Variable Devices).

Contec Global’s e-Passport solutions incorporate an array of up-to-the-minute technologies and counter-forgery measures at the document security level, as well as completely integrated systems technologies for seamless project execution and onoing operation.

As always, our solutions are entirely custom-designed, keeping in view the unique needs of each individual Sovereign client.



Contec Global's proven Structured Magnetics technology is widely used to protect plastic cards, paper-based documents and product brands against counterfeit and fraud. Structured Magnetics gives each item a permanent code or number that cannot be altered or copied. The identity of the item is confirmed using a hand-held or fixed reader which checks the authenticity and code number. The readers are easily interfaced to a computer database to automate the process of authentication and tracking.

Protecting against the duplication of valuable documents or packaging is a high priority for many issuers and brand owners. The availability of low cost high quality scanners and printers makes forgers’ results increasingly accurate and more difficult to detect. However, Contec Global offers a powerful methodology, known as structured magnetics, to help counter forging or tampering. The key feature of this material in either form is that a unique number is built into the material at the time of manufacturing. Although this number can at any time be read and verified, it can never be copied or erased. The technology has been successfully deployed by many governments and private companies throughout the world.

Contec Global’s expertise in providing smart-card based solutions goes far beyond the mere supply of a product, to developing highly sophisticated systems-based solutions which integrate the entire supply chain, delivering unparalleled value to both the customer and the end user.


Contec Global’s e-Visa solutions utilize a powerful new type of electronic visa with its own built-in intelligence, and, as with all its projects, involves a seamlessly integrated systems platform. It combines the latest technology for biometric identification and verification with encrypted smart chip reading and writing, resulting in an unmatched level of document security.

The e-Visa is designed to automate your entire visa issuing process and:

Increase your ability to manage trans-border movements by foreign nationals.
Minimize disruption to your existing processes and staff.
Provide a full audit trail of travelers’ movements.
Significantly reduce opportunities for corruption and bribes.

In keeping with Contec’s belief in appropriate technologies, the e-Visa platform is entirely customizable and modular in design, and can be configured to any specifications; both in terms of the card itself as well as the electronic ‘reading’ components.