The company recognizes a prime opportunity in the marketing and distribution of CNG as an alternative automotive fuel. In theory and in the lab, many petroleum substitutes make sense for personal vehicles. On the road, however, things are of a different matter. With skyrocketing oil prices, there is broad public and political consensus that the future belongs to viability of investments in alternative fuels

Natural gas can be used to fuel internal-combustion engines. The most practical strategy is to store and handle it as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

To use natural gas, the methane component (which makes up 50 percent to 100 percent of natural gas) must be processed to remove contaminants and other useful fuels, e.g., butane and propane.

CNG's octane rating gives it the potential to optimize an engine's thermodynamic efficiency through a high compression ratio. CNG’s popularity stems, in part, from its clean-burning properties. In many cases, CNG vehicles generate fewer exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions than their gasoline- or diesel-powered counterparts.


In addition to propagating the usage of CNG / HCNG as a transportation fuel, the Group’s energy focus has strong alliances in place which work in tandem with leading innovators such as the Ammonia powered vehicle. The CG Group’ strategic alliances in mainland China have led us to also cooperate in the development of the ultimate Electric Car.


We understand the reality of a strong and increasing energy and economic interdependence between nations and recognise that energy security is a two-way street. It is important to the economic growth and prosperity of consuming/importing countries, but also crucial to the development and social progress of producing/exporting countries.

As an independent investor, the Group is embarking on an ambitious program to tap marginal gas from oil fields and build up strategic energy reserves as well as control the supply chain with, among others, the incorporation of state-of-the-art, high pressure vessel fleets. The company intends to promote the use of Natural Gas; in particular, CNG and LNG; locally and globally, with on-site compression/liquefaction as a standard practice.


Contec Global Energy’s research and development wing has been working with leading scientists and innovators who are currently incubating the “Solid Fuel” technology which the Group sees as the future in terms of a transportation solution. This involves the transportation and secure storage of large quantities of Natural Gas to form energy reserves which can be accessed at a point of time in the future.

The Group’s extensive network of operations and its intimate links with leading oil-producing nations, coupled with its close association with some of the leading players in this field gives us a unique advantage in managing the value chain; from source to end use.