In the highly competitive Hospitality market, we believe that the secret to lasting success lies in uncompromising integrity. This includes integrity of quality and practice – but most importantly – integrity of vision.

Contec Global Group’s investments in the Hospitality sector showcase our vision and conviction that the overall satisfaction of a guest is measured by an infinitude of details – including service, accommodation and location – but also intangibles such as atmosphere – the esprit of the experience as a whole.

Our hospitality vision is exemplified by our choice of exotic locales, in places where we endeavor to bring the world to your home. The long term goals of our hospitality initiative is to work in tandem with our aviation wing, to bring the customer unique experiences combining unexplored locations with a seamless traveling arrangements.

Contec Global Limited 'Equatore" division has started to explore business opportunities in areas of hotels, resorts and serviced apartments development, Events and promotion activities, including operating standalone F&B outlets & QSR's.

Staffed by accomplished hoteliers, marketing, training and finance specialists with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial strengths and expertise, our team provides the experts for new and existing projects. With our high quality of service and dedication towards customer satisfaction, a reliable return on investment is the fundamental rationale of all business.

Comprehensive policies and procedures manuals have been developed and are regularly updated, to guide the operation of each department, as well as in the area of new project analysis, financial planning, forecasting, market research and the implementation of individual hotel's operational strategies.

For the perfect vacation or business trip, we offer you a private and relaxing atmosphere, deluxe accommodation, superb dining, memorable entertainment and a friendly and efficient service

We are also committed to ensure a good return for hotel owners through the establishment of strong corporate structure, operational systems and professionalism in hospitality. As both owners and operators of hotel projects, we have the expertise on the needs of customers in the African Peninsula and are experienced to operate in a multi-cultural environment.

The regions of further expansion are Thailand, India & Europe.


  Existing Projects:

Dolphin Bay Resort Goa, India

Situated on vast stretch of privately-owned beachfront, the Dolphin Bay project marked the Group's foray into the Hospitality sector.

Nestled in between rocky inclines and pristine white sand beaches, the Dolphin Bay Hotel is a ‘boutique’ resort that combines a blissful blend of old-world Goan architecture and modern amenities.

Dolphin Bay is the only location in Goa where the dolphins come and play, offering the visitor a breath-taking experience up close to nature. Guests here are assured of the renowned Goan hospitality, sumptuous local delicacies and a ‘home-away-from-home’ ambience that make for an unforgettable and absolutely unique experience in this popular holiday destination.” Since its launch Dolphin Bay has undergone considerable uplift of facilities which the Group has done steadily to increase the availability of modern amenities for its guests.

VIP Lounge & Restaurant Lagos – Nigeria

A Tapas Bar & Restaurant serving authentic Spanish Cuisine and offering world class entertainment during the after hours