Contec Agro



Organic farming has emerged as a global priority in light of sustainability concerns and environmental pollution associated with agriculture related chemicals.

At Contec Agro, we develop organic farming products such as bioseed, biofertilizer, and bioplanting to help Africa develop its agricultural industry and ensure food security for the future. Our products are used at all stages of farming, including seed treatment, root dipping, soil application, and dip irrigation.

Our laboratories culture tissues, grow and analyze bacteria, and use biotechnology to develop plants that are immune to today’s harms.

  • Probiotic Seeds
  • Specialized Bio Seeds that target crop challenges (Tuta Absoluta, Black Pod, Falls Armyworm, Potato Blight)
  • C-Tec Mechanicals
  • Bio Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Chemical Free Fertilizers
  • Growth Enhancing Bio Products
  • Biologically Balanced Products
  • Animal Feed


  • Soil Sampling and Testing
  • Mobile Soil Testing Lab
  • Soil Tailored Fertilizers
  • Identification of 282 Beneficial Microbes


  • State of the Art Technology to Analyze Crop Patters
  • Micro Propogation
  • Growing Plant Cells and Reproduction of Plant Tissues
  • Produce Buy Back Program (Cold Storage, Dry Storage, Banana Storage)