The nature of real estate and infrastructure development methodologies has evolved considerably in recent years. Galloping resource requirement along with concern for managerial efficiency and consumer responsiveness has led to an active involvement of the private sector in this arena; via both construction contracts and build-operate-transfer (BOT) initiatives either on toll or annuity basis.

Contec Global’s Construction sector, together with its alliances, are actively involved in visualizing and implementing tenable development solutions that bluntly and effectly address these issues. Amongst our future pipeline projects is the construction of ‘the Tallest building in Africa’ – if not the world.

This iconic construction is envisioned to showcase Africa’s commitment to be much more than bit players in the real estate boom being witnessed across the globe. The proposed structure is expected to stand at par with similar constructions in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur and put the spotlight on Africa as the world’s next big real estate destination in a world where the tenets of globalization are fast becoming a reality.