Contec Global’s interests in the Civil Aviation sector derive from its overall interests in infrastructure development. Air transportation plays a major role in a nation’s economy by improving speed and efficiency of transit. It boosts trade and tourism.

Air transportation has, thus far, been an underdeveloped area in ECOWAS countries – both in terms of infrastructure as well as quantum of traffic. Contec Global’s current vision for the aviation sector aims at the popularization of air travel in the ECOWAS countries by making it accessible in terms of both availability and affordability. It is the firm conviction of the Contec Global Group that in order to integrate itself fully into global economy,

ECOWAS states need to address issues relating to capacity constraints and bottlenecks in its air transport infrastructure.
Contec Global has an Air Traffic Operator’s license to operate in Europe, Africa, India and UAE. The Group is currently evaluating potential business opportunities in the Aviation sector,including the technical education sphere, the development of a budget airline (fuelled by natural gas), among others.