Energy use has been always been inextricably linked with world economy. The optimal utilisation of energy resources remains critical to the development and health of an economy, including expansion of economic opportunity and alleviation of poverty; providing light, heat and mobility, and enhancing the welfare of us all.

Increased environmental awareness as well as simple demand supply mechanics has led to an urgent shift in focus and a rapid weaning of dependence on conventional fossil fuel sources that heretofore provided more than 90% of the world’s total commercial as well as domestic energy requirements.

Contec Global’s core vision and belief in appropriate technologies and solutions has led the Group to redefine its focus area to include the vibrant and rapidly evolving energies markets.

The world’s economies are fighting a key battle in their individual capacities to promote Energy Sustainability and Ensure Greenhouse Gas Reductions.

The Group recognises this is as a unique situation, presenting a phenomenal opportunity – both social and economic – last witnessed perhaps at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Most developed and developing countries today are driven by the following policy factors:

Improve Security of Energy Supply
Reduction of Oil Demand by 8% by 2020
Reduction of Greenhouse Gases by 25%
Utilization of Renewable Energy (including biomethane)
Improve Flexibility of Energy Choices for the Consumer
Improve World Economic Stability (dampen oil price)

Meeting this demand by identifying viable and sustainable solutions is a challenge that the Group has taken up with both hands and embodied in its corporate vision for the year 2008 and beyond. COGO ENERGY is the Group’s energy vertical, whose core focus areas are Oil & Gas and Power.